Thursday, March 11, 2010

The good right arm of Steven (vroc "Rogue") He told us that when he was younger and in better shape, the chain went all the way around his arm. One day, while working out, he flexed that muscle and broke the chain!

A Brillo bike! Although, Marc would never let his get as dirty as this one is.

This, and the next several pictures were taken this morning along Highway 85, between Gila Bend and Ajo. We're at around 1600 feet here, it's very beautiful.

What a shame! Someone just had to deface these beautiful rocks...........

We stopped here to brew a pot of fresh coffee, and let the big dog run around some in the desert.

This, and the next few are for Don (VSP) and Steve (SAG). We all stayed at this motel a few years ago when we were on the bikes, enroute a VROC function in Tucson. It looked a lot better then.

Still shady and pretty, but not as well kept as it was back then.

A nice heated pool, but the hot tub is empty right now.

Remember these rooms?

These rocks are from many different parts of the country. They were all labeled and organized when we were here before.

This is a fake Javalina (I think), The one before was real, and very fresh!

We have a good spot with WiFi that now works great! We used to have to go to the office to make a connection.

These old Sentinels are standing pretty, as they have for probably around 400 years. We're only about 30 miles or so from the Organ Pipe National Monument, a little different kind of cactus, but similar to these huge, fat Saguaros.

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