Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pat, Julie, her new boyfriend Jazz, and Tony. We're in Jacquie's house.

Julie and Jazz. They hit it off pretty good. Jazz wasn't much intimidated by the little 2.9 pound wonder dog, but he was nice to her. :-)

Tony D. and Jacquie. She makes some grand Grande Margarita's, the best we ever tasted!

The Lobster tank. You can buy the "King of the tank" , a 10 pound lobster for $159.95!

Lanny, Amy (Mrs. Badluck) and Paul. We discovered Paul doesn't always have badluck, he married a real Sweetie!

Slick, Jacquie, Tony and Lanny. Tony is pontificating, and Lanny eating it all up. Slick is looking around the place, his search is on again!

Slick being emphatic!

Slick, Tony D. and Jacquie.

We had a couple of Alligator apitizers, they tasted like fish flavored chicken, but were good.

Paul and Amy, our Mystery guests from Pennsylvania. They are a very welcome and fun couple. Paul's vroc name is Badluck, but Amy must be Goodluck!

Tony D. and his long time friend Jacquie. Our "Hostess with the mostest!"

Jacquie and Lanny (Biglefti)

A happy Lanny.

My plate, Pat, Steven, and Badluck taking a picture.

Tony D. in Ecstasy!

Slick was really getting into the Crawdads!

I ordered 3 pounds of Crawfish Boil, served with red potatoes and corn on the cob. This was the 2 pound portion, they brought out the extra pound later.

Slick was having more fun playing with is food than eating it. :-)

It was nice visiting and getting to know Paul and Amy. They were in Arizona visiting Pauls parents, who have a winter place in Anthem, AZ, about 30 miles North of Phoenix.

Steven (Rogue) bought a new bike last week (he owns 4 Kawasaki's now:-) so for a shake down cruise he rode over from Borrego Springs, California to have dinner with us. With his "round about" route, it was 400 miles. Then, he ordered the Crawfish, and found it was more work than fun to eat the little "mud bugs". But, does he look happy?

Lanny (Biglefti) road all the way from Sun City West. A cool 20 mile ride for him this evening.

Tony D. arranged for us to park the RV in Jacquie's driveway. We had electricity, and this morning she made us all an excellent breakfast. We also picked about 30 pounds of oranges from her trees, it didn't even make a dent in the crop. Tony also hauled us around for some shopping and then to the restaurant last night. What a guy!

Look at the boiling sauce dripping from John's hand...he was getting into the meal!

Amy is a fun person! And, she takes as many pictures as I do! :-) Hope she posts them. (well except the ones of me)

Paul, in a previous life was a sheetmetal worker. He saw the light of the future, went to school, and for several years now has worked in IT.

Pat and Steven visiting.

This is the left overs! What a meal. Amy had Surf and Turf, the crawdads were a little too spicy for her, Pat had Coconut Shrimp with Cajun Slaw, and Lanny had some kind of Chicken, pasta and with picayune. The rest of us had the little shell fish. Oh, and I can't remember what Paul had, I think more than one dish :-)

Steven says. "I'm ready to eat, how do you find the meat!"

Paul, Lanny, Pat, Tony, Sherm, John, and Steven.

Same group, but Amy instead of Sherm.

You can tell Steven lives in the desert. He has dual cup holders!

Lanny and Slick also rode their bikes.

A chilly night, and Steven has a way to go this evening, so he's suiting up. It's been a good day! From here we went to Jacquie's house where we visited until after 1 AM!

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  1. I remember Ajo fondly. I would not mind spending some time hanging out there.