Friday, March 12, 2010

A huge Saguaro, all full of water from the Spring rains. Many of these around our campsite of last night, just beautiful in the morning sun.

This mailbox in Ajo is mounted on a Saguaro skeleton.

Marcela's Cafe and Bakery. A good place to eat!

Hibiscus getting it's morning sun!

Inside Marcelo's. Every year they have paintings and photograpsh from different artists. Some are very nice, and reasonably priced. Well....sort of.

The kitchen is back through the door there in the wall. Two waitresses are kept busy.

I just had to take a couple picture through the glass on the dessert cooler.

Flan is one of my favorites, but I shouldn't eat it any more, so only on very rare occasions, and then not as much as I'd like :-) It's a smooth custard pudding with burnt sugar topping. Very popular in Mexico.

This is the old High School in Ajo. It's now an Artist Colony. They rent the rooms, produce their things, and have a place inside to sell them. It's been remodeled and looks great. If you click on the picture, you'll see a white cross on the top of the hill overlooking the old mine.

The White church..A very pretty Catholic Church, right in the middle of town.

The Mexican people are very reverent of their dead. There are shrines like this every few miles along Highway 85 going to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. As there are on all the roads around here.
This one was very well kept.

An Orange fence! This is near the Citrus Growers building in Yuma. We went to a large discount gas and propane place near the Railroad tracks, and saw these orange trees along the fence. They are just loaded!

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